SDNsquare software guarantees
performance, reliability and scalability
for network and data storage solutions

It is designed to ensure your mission critical network is always performing, despite the increasingly large files, massive data transfers and rapidly growing traffic networks have to handle today. With SDNsquare, over-provisioning is no longer necessary.
More efficiency, less costs.

Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance

SDN2 enables smooth data transfers and video streaming with a guaranteed end-to-end flow. Transfers are always succesfull, and completed within the given timeframe. It’s that predictable.

High efficiency

High efficiency

SDN2 employs a provisioned network to its full capacity. Every data link can be used to 100 percent capacity because of the predictability of the system. No need for over-provisioning and higher costs.

Linear scalibility

Linear scalibility

SDN2 makes scaling up easy and quick. Increasing the throughput of the network only takes a few minutes and can be enabled from a user friendly interface. Flexibility and reliability at its best.



SDNsquare will analyse your current network and data storage infrastructure. SDNsquare analyses your needs and defines the required bandwidth for optimal and guaranteed performance.


Suggest a solution

SDNsquare will offer an optimised demo and advice for your network and line of business. We focus on improving your current infrastructure and critical parts within your network.


Implement SDN2 technology swiftly

SDNsquare can easily implement its technology alongside and integrated with your current infrastructure. There’s no need to replace anything or for an expensive long term implementation project. The performance of the critical parts of your network is now 100 percent guaranteed.




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